My Facebook fan page status

Hiya, Sonik here with a new post. So later this year, I made a post saying there would be an update surrounding my Facebook Fan page and what will happen to it and my own account as well.

As you know, I have not been all that active on facebook and this kinda ties in with my Fan page being kinda inactive. Somewhat. But there is a reason.

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My review: Dungeon Souls

Let me talk about Dungeon souls, a rogue-like game made by Lamina Studios, Mike Studios.

Dungeon Souls is your run of the mill rogue-like game and what makes it stand out from the rest? I am here to tell you. Maybe. I don’t know but I am going to try anyway. :D

I’m Sonik and I will be your guide.

Dungeon Souls


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My thoughts: Sonic Mania (PC)

Sonic Mania. I want to say that Sonic mania is a great-

Damn it Sega. You had one job. Well, let’s ignore the DRM till we get to the end of this post. Going to share my thoughts in this mini like review.

I will say this. If you are “That” person who takes or treats opinions serious. I think you need to go elsewhere. :3 These are my own experience I had with the game.

Sonik the edge-lord, here with this post to share opinion and thoughts :o

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Sonic Mania Stream today

So, Sonic Mania is now out on PC and I forgot about Sonic mania for the most. It’s hard to avoid things you don’t want to see when people stream IL’s, playthroughs, speedruns, or make reviews. (People got to be first to everything), oh well. Can’t beat them, join them.

But this will still be a semi new experience for me. So, if you watch, get ready for fails, deaths and maybe game overs? I will be in a discord call, so, if you happen to be in my server, join in. Or private call me on Discord

Make sure your mic is a good. Stream playback through mics is a huge no-no. Mute the stream when you join the call. If you join, that is.

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Let’s talk: Twitch bits

Hello again. Sonik back again with a new post and the new posts after this will be light hearted or back to normal and rants and the like.

Let’s start, shall we? This will be a “short” post

As I used to say on Twitter and on stream, I can get sub and twitch bits as I was happy but I started to care less and less about getting sub and bits from viewers but it would still be nice. Continue reading