It’s a new Discord SERVER

Hello viewers, Sonik the duel slayer

So as you know, the discord server was a bust. While it has members, it was a failure as no one is really active. So where does this leave the server? I said I had no plans on closing it down but I don’t want to keep up a Barely Active server anymore.

It has worn out it’s welcome and for those who like the server (LOL no one did but it’s fine)

To say this. If the server was not an active failure and it was more active then this wouldn’t be a thing but it is. And I am sorry.

Most users are inactive and not even gonna see this post which is fine. Continue reading “It’s a new Discord SERVER”

Twitch channel updates

So I have talked about my channel getting an update, well you are right on my other site, I have talked about this.

But I want to go into full detail with this and what is going to change and what’s going to remain the same.

Look forward to more games and let’s plays of old and new and modern games

Let’s plays of games. Playing through games with friends or getting 100 % or just beating the game on stream for others to see. Continue reading “Twitch channel updates”