SRB2 Next teleport Madness


So, the plan here is play through the game with 99 Lives and have the time limit set to 9999 Which will be more than fair. :P

The Idea here is to screw over other players and potentially get yourself screwed over as well when you get teleported to someone spot and vice-versa.

It’s the new Mario party of 2017, Sonic Robo Blast Shuffle.

You can play to win or you can troll everyone for fun. This is all good fun, nothing serious. c:

To join the game, you will need the following below.


SRB2 and the 2.1.17 patch

Metal Anyone

When I do go live with this event, you can find us or me at

Don’t be a one trick pony on strims

So here I come again, my friends. I, the great Sonik with a new rant about twitch and youtube. GASP

Image result for anime gasp

I know. Hold your gasping and joy. ( LOL ) I am kidding.


So while being on or Youtube, people tend to fall into the trap of playing one game for YouTube or and mind you, there is nothing wrong if you enjoy doing one type of thing Continue reading “Don’t be a one trick pony on strims”

My Discord Server Updates

Sonik here from the depths of anime and retweeting lewds and funny things

Image result for tem coleg

So I want to make a new post but an update for my discord server to show what will be added or changed.

Things coming to the Discord server of mine. Will be listed below in detail for everyone and should be clear.

1 is new channels or current channels for the server Continue reading “My Discord Server Updates”