An update status for SRB2

Hello there. It is I Sonikchan back with a new update with a new Topic

SRB2 will be today’s topic and what is gonna happen.

So, for what is gonna happen to me hosting SRB2 is this. It is going to be not often when I host of SRB2, meaning there won’t be anymore SRB2 online streams till I get a good number of users or players to join the fun. Continue reading “An update status for SRB2”

Why the wait room is here

Hi there. You may be wondering, “Why do I need to wait 10 mins to join a discord server?”

Well my friend, if you got the time and wanna know then, come read this post. :P

Hi, I’m Sonik, the server Admin.

To tell you why the wait room was added, Well it was added for a few reasons which I will get into now.

The wait room can be seen as a gate, to allow me to manage who gets in or doesn’t. As you know, a Discord server is like an open floodgate.

Anyone can come and go as they please and that can be a bad thing as cancerous users or people can join. Continue reading “Why the wait room is here”