My Thoughts on Speedrunners

Something I always want to talk about for a long time and it was about speedrunners that I wanted to talk about in detail, so let’s go and open this can of worms and see what will happen..

Speedrunners. For those who don’t know, speedrunners are people who play a game very fast. From start to end. As a speedrunner, this can give the person a new reason to play the same game over again. Think of it as giving new life to the game.

Speedrunning is a hobby at best and should you make speedrunning, a hobby, your job then more power to you but hey what you do with your life is on you. Continue reading “My Thoughts on Speedrunners”

Why I dislike twitch fight streams

Hello again. Your one and only Sonik here with a new post.


So let’s talk about twitch streams that focus mainly on fighting games on And why I dislike them and no longer go to them.

So streamers that focus on online fighting games I dislike and here is why. When people stream those games they just become toxic or negative or the chat is toxic as hell. Continue reading “Why I dislike twitch fight streams”

My thoughts on Pangya

Hello Sonik here with a new post or a follow-up post to So what is next for me? So boys and girls, let’s start this thing


I had no plans on making a post about Pangya but you might ask, what is Pangya? Is it some sort of an amazing MMORPG with action and blood and death and–

Golf. It’s just golf but with anime theme and anime characters.

Pangya? I thought that it had closed or shut down?

And to that I say, my friend..

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