So what is next for me?

So a change in plans, I’m done with speedrunning boys and girls so you may party now or something.

So as you know I made a list about speedrunning my last games and I followed the list and ran some games and followed it well but wanted to speed run other games cause I lost the need to

Sonic Spinball is the game that snuff out my speedrun flame but that’s fine but that’s it for the speedrunner in me. I don’t have any need to speedrun any more games and like a fad, it comes and goes and others will still speedrun but I did my part.

SPINBALL snuff that flame out

I may and keyword “May” try to do speed runs or attempt to run a game for fun but don’t count on it in the future. Like, You might as well ask Zombiesmasher14 to play Castle Eggman Act 2 flawless, it’s not going to happen.

I know that most of my followers are here for speedruns and speed games and enjoy the world rekky (Stupid term for World Record)

If you are here for speedruns then turn back but you won’t find anymore here so, sorry to say. With that, you won’t see me in any streams that focus on speedrunning as well.

So where does this now leave my twitch channel at?

Well dear, viewer as I have no further plans to speedrun in the future…Umm, I have ideas which I will share below to let you know what is up.

Casual Streams, just chilling, playing the game and talking to chat and even answer questions if I get any in my streams, so if you got a question, ask away unless it has been asked before or it’s too personal then ask a different one.

Let’s play streams, just playing a game from start to end or trying to anyway. I will have friends in my stream to join me or go solo.

Casual falls under a number of things for me anyway. Party games, online RPGs and etc

There are games I don’t plan on playing on stream or ever for that matter

LOL, TESO, Kaizo, Pangya. I’m not in love with these games like others are, they see something in the game I don’t and that’s fine.

I may do game dev streams in the future when I get a better grip on GML coding and show off projects I make and want to share but that’s for another time.

But I will be more focused on Casual streams and that only. Streaming for fun and having a good time.

I do want to wish any poor fools who want to go on the speedrun train of insanity. God speed you lost souls.

My Twitch stream

OMG casual! DansGame


And for my Youtube I will get to work and start uploading New let’s play videos, Sonic CD being the new let’s play to do for the channel. So if you like Sonic CD, you might be in for a treat.

Once I do Sonic CD, I will start the Sonic Adventure DX LP and that is going to be a fun time and after that, it will be time for Pac-Man world 2 and 3 LP

My Youtube

I got a lot planned for this year.

I got big plans and they may not be done in order, lol

But thank you for reading and have a good day~

Images are from here


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