New Personal Discord server update

It’s time for a new update :3 A personal server update. Let’s start.

So, the server will be using roles now. The server had roles but they were just there to chat and such. But custom roles will be added along with other roles

Changes coming now or later

New Server Icon

New roles

New channels

Removing Inactive channels

New Emotes (Some time soon)

Any files will be scanned

And more ‘ v’

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New personal Discord channel update #3

It’s time for a new update that may make some people happy or no one is gonna care, let be honest. I mean unless there are rewards here lol then they will care.  I’m joking for the most part…

Ok this will be a much bigger update for discord server, channels will be added or removed, new roles will be added or removed, Channels and roles will be changed.

I hope you are ready cause it’s time for the role out and get ready for updates and changes…Big changes for this personal Server cause I’m ready.

As a heads up. I am removing some channels so if there is anything you want to do in them or save or whatever, the reason, you better do it now.

The Discord server join code is X6fUYxc

Link to my discord is

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It’s a new Discord SERVER

Hello viewers, Sonik the duel slayer

So as you know, the discord server was a bust. While it has members, it was a failure as no one is really active. So where does this leave the server? I said I had no plans on closing it down but I don’t want to keep up a Barely Active server anymore.

It has worn out it’s welcome and for those who like the server (LOL no one did but it’s fine)

To say this. If the server was not an active failure and it was more active then this wouldn’t be a thing but it is. And I am sorry.

Most users are inactive and not even gonna see this post which is fine. Continue reading “It’s a new Discord SERVER”