Welcome to my FAQ page, this page is made for the following below.

If I get a question I have to answer more than once, it will be added here.

This applies to actions as well.

Last updated: 3/16/2017

  1. Questions I got before and answer them in the past on social media.
  2. Questions that may or might be asked in the near future.
  3. Questions I added here so people and friends don’t need to ask or for me to answer them.
  4. Questions you don’t need to ask, as they are listed below.
  5. If I get asked a question, it will be answered on this page.

Q: Why do you like Princess Daisy?

A: She is an awesome Nintendo Princess that is great. Princess Daisy can be a tomboy, kick ass and look pretty. She needs to be in more games really. She is my favorite Princess from Nintendo, Peach and Rosalina are close second.

Q: Do you have a bio?

A: It’s the about tab or you can click here

Q: These questions I never asked, why are they here?

A: This FAQ is not for you, It a page for questions I don’t need to answer. ‘ v’

Q: What is your real name/age and where do you live?

A:  I don’t tell strangers or people I don’t trust my name or age and I only tell this stuff to close best friends. ‘ v’ Strangers on the web are creeps.

Q: Are you on any twitch teams?

A: Yes, I’m on two Twitch teams, at the moment.

Q: Do I call you Sonikmage even if you are no longer sonikmage?

A: No. But I do prefer to be called Sonik though. I hate being called Mage, it’s a nickname I don’t like and I may ignore you if you call me mage. But for real, being called just mage is my sore button. Don’t push it, please.

People Like  HyperSonic7701 And ZombieSmasher14 like calling me mage but I just tune them out. :P

Image result for anime glare gif

Q: Why do you retweet so many lewds or NSFW pictures?

A: I guess you must one of those users, who likes to indirectly whine when I Retweet NSFW or lewd pictures. Look, it’s not my fault you can’t do something simple

So instead of being gross out by lewd tweets or NSFW stuff, read this thing on retweets that shows you how to turn someone retweets off or mute me.

I’m sure you can do that, and if you still whine about the lewd retweets. More than likely you still have my retweets on, which in that case I will block you so, you won’t have a reason to whine anymore.

Q: Do you hate memes or like them?

A: I don’t hate memes, as long as they are in good taste and are not done to death then I will mostly enjoy them. Maybe.

Q: Why do you like Sonic The Hedgehog?

A: Sonic is my childhood, I grew up with sonic and the tv series. It was the only game I played the most in my young days. ^^

Q: Are you a Brony or Furry?

A: A bit of both, a Furry and a brony and I’m happy about that I am a furry and a brony, I made some great friends cause of it. :3

Q: Do you like Anime?

A: Yes. I like the anime or may mays or Animu. It’s a good past time.

Q: Why do you like lewd things?

A: I enjoy lewd things. I had friends who were normal and other friends who were lewd and more fun. My lewd friends kinda or did rub off on me.

Q: Are you a streamer?

A: Yes, I am a streamer on twitch but I do stream on other sites.

Q: Why did you unfollow me on twitter?

A: I will answer below the following

I don’t like to follow people I have no interest in following on twitter.

Why am I answering this? Like really? Do you really care? No. ‘ v’ Bye

Q: Are you a speedrunner?

A: An ex-speedrunner, The Speedrunner community is way too Toxic and Cancerous for my liking. I’m looking at you Sonic speedrun community. >_> I speedrun for fun or do it when I am bored.

Q: Is -insert Twitch.tv emote here- Banned on your stream?

A: No emotes are banned in my chat. Just as long as a emote doesn’t get overused. If a emote does get overused to a point it becomes annoying then I will ban said emote.

Q: Do you dislike memers?

A: I don’t hate memers, they are ok but some do tend to cross that line, which you should never do. I don’t dislike memers but they can be a pest or go too far.

Q: Are you a game dev?

A: I am a game dev in training. I’m learning GML

Q: How do you feel when people cross you or send others to talk to you?

A: I will no longer have anything to do with them, My ties will be cut with them, I will have no ill will toward those who crossed me and wish them a good life.

However, if they send white knights.

Q: Why was I Blocked?

A: There is a number of reasons, really.

  1. I have assumed that you are a bot and blocked you
  2. I have judged you and based off what I saw, you are someone I DON’T want to know. ‘ v’
  3. You are one of those people who likes to follow then unfollow
  4. I just found you annoying
  5. You are a annoying negative nancy.

Q: Can you unblock me?

A: If you are blocked, then ask someone or have someone tell me to unblock you and I will do it. Unless you are someone I don’t like then you are staying blocked.

But let’s be honest, you REALLY don’t care if I block you or not.

Q: Can we be friends?

A: eh, I guess but I don’t like when strangers just come out of the blue to add me, unless we talk often and are really close friends.

I don’t mind being friends with some as long as you are not a pest or a negative nancy who overthinks the worst outcome.

So if I delete you as a friend then you know why. Sorry.

Q: Why did you delete me as a friend?

A: I deleted you as a friend for the following.

  1.  I remove friends who I never talk to anymore. I see no point in being friends with others who have no plans to talk



Q: Are you a Youtuber or let’s player?

A: I am a let’s player on youtube that makes walkthroughs and guides and let’s plays for others to watch.

Q: Will you be friends again with people you cut ties with?

A: Yes I will be friends, but I will be on guard. I will be friends again with them but it will be awkward.

Q: Any type of friends you dislike?

A: I hate those friends (Fake friends) where it’s like they act all nice but should you cross their friends or you and their friends have a fight which will make them shun you and cut all ties with you and won’t say a word.

Q: Do you have any other social media accounts?

A: Look in the widget or view the flavors.me page. You can also look at my About page

Q: Can I ask you questions?

A: Sure, just head over to the following below.

You can ask or send questions to my Tumblr

You can send questions or confessions to my curiouscat.me

Q: Do you make art?

A: Trace art/line art. I do make art, in a sense. But yeah. I use Paint Tool Sai for the line art/trace art. ^^

 Q: Wow, random people can’t add you? That’s dumb

A: Helps to avoid the cancerous users. Or negative nancys

Q: Are you going to speedrun -insert game title-  this?

A: No. If you bring up a game I don’t care / or to joke about, I’m not even going to humor you and just ignore you.

But if the game in question is worth looking at, I may humor you. ‘ v’

But being the ex-speedrunner, I would / will say no. ouo

Q: Why do you dislike runners in the Sonic speedrun/speedrun community?

A: Some of the runners can get real Anal when it comes to speedrunning, which is pretty sad and petty.

: What is your tolerance for things?


Q: Are there any streamers you like?

A: Mastakirby, SBCZ, Monstercat,

Q: Can I join your discord?

A: Sure, the link to my discord is in the widget. You can find the link on my Twitter page as well.

Q: Why do you add people when you stream? It ruins the stream for me, to be honest.

A: If you don’t like that I add friends to a stream, You may leave and never come back. I dislike the viewers who only like to watch streamers if they stream solo. They are the viewers who can leave and never come back and nothing of value will be lost.

You can stay and watch my stream or you can leave at any time.

Sorry if that is mean but that’s how I feel, I like to be happy and stream with friends and if you don’t like it? Go watch someone else.

Q: Why do you need a FAQ page?

A: It’s at the top for why I need a page like this, also I can have a page that will answer stuff for me. :P

Q: I followed you on twitter but why didn’t you follow back?

A: I am not going to follow someone I don’t even know other than “Oh, he/she is a streamer” If anything, that’s a bigger reason to not follow you IMO.

No. I will follow you back right away, assuming you are not a bot / or negative nancy. If you are, I’ll just not follow you.

If you are a negative Nancy, Just know I will not follow you.

Q: What happened to @Sonikmage on twitter?

A: See here

Q: Can I send you a message on twitch?

A: Yes. ‘ v’

Q: Why was I removed/kicked from your discord server (Sonik fort)?

A: Read here. It has the answer to it all. And you was not removed, I just shut down the server. You just didn’t pay attention which is all on you.

Q: When will you use a webcam for your streams?

A: Never. I used to toy with the idea of using a webcam for my streams in late 2011 before every streamer and their mother started to use a webcam. And I find that when others use a webcam that they are just following a trend or a gimmick but that’s not for me.

Q: Why did you leave my discord server?

A: It was too negative for me or there was too many negative nancys for me. If something is negative, I will leave.

Q: Why was I blocked on twitter?

A: You have been rude and completely disrespectful to my friends and me.

I gave signs what you did was annoying but you kept being annoying.

Q: Do you RP (Role Play)?

A: Yes but I don’t like to be forced to RP

Q: Do you follow the “My friends are your friends” ?

A: No, I find that kinda dumb. :P Now that I am your friend doesn’t mean I am your friend’s friend.

Q: I sent you a friend request but why won’t you add me back

A: I am not up for adding people I barely know.

Q:  Do you use skype more or discord?

A: I use discord more but I use skype to talk with close friends or my gf ^^

Q: Why do you have “Turn off my retweets” in your twitter bio?

A: Because I retweet NSFW things and the internets don’t like NSFW things which is why you can turn off retweets. or see How to use Twitter (A silly guide)

  1. Go to my twitter page if you are following me
  2.  Click the Gear Icon
  3.   Click “Turn off Retweets” and you are done.

Q: Would you ever post a selfie?

A: No. :3 I just don’t see a point of posting a selfie so other people, can see what you look like. For friends, I can understand but other people, maybe in the future.

Q: Do you like muffins?

A: Yesh. Muffins are my life.

Q: You like memes?

A: Nah, memes are overused in 2017. Memes is a dead horse that every memer keeps beating while hoping for memes.