Kaizo Sonic

~About Kaizo Sonic~

Kaizo Sonic is the (WIP) name for the rom hack of Sonic 1. I’m making for HyperSonic7701.

The Goal here is to make this rom hard as I can to a point where it’s unfair but beatable and playable. There will be harder levels. Traps which will stop you from moving. Unfair platforming. Speedrunning stats will get you killed. Only on sega Genesis emulators. Release date: never

Will be done in Game maker in the future.

About Game / rom hack

Is a Sonic 1 Kaizo hack where anything can / will go wrong at any given time. either you do the following

This page is subject to change at any given time.


1.Set off traps. Blocking off a pathway or pathways that was safe leaving the death trap up.

  1. Each zone of has ONE SPECIAL RING but which act the ring may be in is up to chance buddy boy / girl
  2. Enter a special ring prior to clearing a act is the biggest Kaizo trap there is as Sonic has no way to return and it’s a softlock meaning… YOU ARE DONE. YOU FAIL. F —— GET OUT PLEB :^)

  3. A time over can happen as each level will be longer then planned

4.Item boxes are very rare meaning if you are use to seeing tons of Super ring (10 rings) 1-ups or shields… Don’t get used to that anymore

  1. If you have knowledge of Sonic 1 and Sonic Beta. That’s going to screw you over soon.
  • I wish you good luck… You will NEED IT

  • Kaizo Sonic story

    One day. Dr.Robotnik was sick of things not going his way. He knew as long as that blue bastard was able to run free, his plans would be put to a stop by Sonic the Hedgehog at any given time of the day or night.

    BUT. Robotnik remember that his first plan was great but lacked any real power to kill off Sonic…HowEVER…He knew if he was able to kill the past Sonic that his plans would work well. Without a second thought Robotnik made haste to make or create a few machine. A time Machine.

    And with that. Robotnik knew that the hedgehog would get to the past to stop his plans yet again. but Robotnik was mad with power. He made a machine to remove the special stage rings making Sonic not only having to hurry but only giving him one chance in each world to get a Emerald

    After robotnik created the portal and changing the past for the worst. for a spilt second a bright light covered the world causing everyone to fade away, leaving Sonic to face Robotnik. Sonic Made haste to the portal

    Can our blue bastard save the day in time? (Puns. Ha.) Or will he die tying? God speed and hope you are a good player.


    So coding a few things:

    1. Sonic 1-up montiors will now have a Double Effect. Do you dare risk your life for one just to lose it right away or go ahead in this crazy adventure?

    2. Spin dash may be a thing. This may make the game a bit easy so I need to work around this cause if not which may kill the perpose of the hack. I have not choose what I will do for now.

    3. EGGMAN or Dr.Robotnik montiors as of now I’m thinking if they should be a one hit kill or a damage you.

    4. Act one and act 2 and act 3 will have more then one path to use. Though Beware There will be a path that will off screen you or lead you to death should you take it by a mistake.