Qualify Page

Hello there and welcome to my page of who can qualify for helping me with projects or games or testing out rom hacks and more.

I’m sure you will say “Why do you even need a page like this?” And I say to you. It’s my way of knowing who I feel are active and trustworthy. If you don’t care in anyway, you are free to ignore this page as it does not apply to you.

And the other reason is, “I don’t want to give something for nothing” I don’t plan on giving someone something who does nothing or says nothing for nothing.

“You are always inactive on discord, Why do I need to be active?” You don’t have to be active but that is up to you.

I am working on things. DUH. c:

These rewards are given to those who are still in the Discord.

Those who qualify for the moment. Nothing is set in stone.. yet

  • My gf ouo
  • Link
  • SBCz
  • HyperSonic7701
  • MastaKirby
  • Nintega
  • Auto
  • Shiny

Those who qualify by being Active and trustworthy and helpful will get rewards, seen below.

  • A special role for a Voice call and private channel
  • Help with game testing, Have a idea or want something changed? You got it.
  • Have your own character in game or games as a unlockable character
  • Test out the game or rom hack in private beta demo
  • If the game in the works has online play, you will be able to try it with me
  • When a game is completed or in a stable state. It will have a forum, you will be mod for the forums
  • Have your name in the credits of the fan game
  • Make DLC Ideas or come up with DLC ideas
  • If you make music, Art, Voice Actor or etc, then you can help make the game
  • More later

Those who don’t qualify by being Inactive and not trustworthy nor helpful, will get the following below.

  • Play the full game or rom hack when it is done
  • Able to join forums