About Me


Hello there, Sonik here, Who am I? You may wonder or not. But I am here to give you a background of who I am and such

I am an Ex-speedrunner, I used to be a speedrunner but the Sonic speedrunner community is too cancerous for my blood

I am a casual Twitch streamer who likes to stream for fun and entertain others or try to anyway

I am a game dev in the making. Learning how to make games with a game maker studio.

I am a Let’s player on youtube but a bit inactive, though I plan to change that soon.

I love to rant or vent on here or twitter but I do rant a lot. :P

I have a Roleplay account though I rarely RP. I still do from time to time.

And I am taken by my wonderful baka angel ♥1/1/12♥ :3

So that will answer why I like to retweet and like / favorite lewd things of any gender.


Feel free to say hi to me on Twitter. :3

Videos / things I have done

I have worked on Let’s play videos and walk through videos and gameplay videos Around 2008 However, I did Let’s play’s on aqwrocks before quitting. You can see them here. Let’s play # 1Let’s play # 2Let’s play # 3, Let’s play # 4, Let’s play # 5, And there were Let’s play’s I couldn’t do at all.

I also, done AQWMV (Adventure Quest worlds Music videos) poorly but I have done them nonetheless which a playlist I made can be found here

I did at once point covered Adventure Quest Worlds in weekly events That I would record and play through to show off the was in the event. A playlist of past AQW events can be seen here.

I was also the guy who made the hack called Sonic beta for a youtuber named “TealGameMaster” to play and beat. So, If TealGameMaster sees this, he will know it is me.

My new let’s play videos can be seen by going to my social media tab

The ways you can contact me if you want

You can go here to my Contact page where You may use it to contact me for any good reason or you can follow my twitter. :3

Or if you want, you can send me a twitch.tv message if you want to talk on Twitch.tv

My social accounts can be found on the sidebar to the right. Named “Social”

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Doing in my free time                                          

I am a fan of daisy from the Mario Series if you have not guessed yet.

I am a Brony and a furry, so yeah hope that is fine. I like MLP (My Little pony)

And most days, I spend my time working on videos and let’s plays or learning game design and coding in Game maker Language or for short GML.

I do the occasional Livestreams on Twitch.tv when the time suits me and my mood and not often but Super rare, I speedrun games I love, just not all the time.

I will host SRB2 (Sonic robo blast 2) servers sometimes named “Sonik server” but most of the time, it’s a race server or tag games or comp games with a twist to make things fun

I like or tend to mute Pessimistic users who like to shit on fun or mute those I never talk to or those who won’t respond to anything on Twitter.

I do rant a lot and if I don’t like how someone is acting or something, more than likely I will rant about it or them or make a post on it and if you don’t like it, go away. lol.

I also like to join SRL races (Speedrunslive)

I do make emotes for FFZ. If you are a good friend then, I will make emotes for you to use.

I also RP (Role play) from time to time but I rarely RP soon.

and being LEWD on Twitter

LIKE REALLY LEWD ON TWITTER, You should turn off my retweets.

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