About Me


Hi there, I’m Sonik Chan, I had other names like “SonikGameMaster”, “MLPSonik”, “Sonikmage”, “sonickun360”, “aqwrocks”. You might know me, but just call me “Sonik”. But I am just some guy on the internet with some weird but cool people I call friends.

I’m optimistic about things and people when I shouldn’t be. I see the glass half full when others don’t.

I am a blogger that loves to rant or vent about things. I even now do reviews or try to do reviews on games. But I also love to share my thoughts on things. I do rant a lot and if I don’t like how someone is acting or something, more than likely I will rant about it or them or make a post on it and if you don’t like it, go away. lol.

I am a Twitch.TV streamer and I do stream often when I get time for it. Self-taught livestreamer, though, that doesn’t mean much these days. But I stream a number of games.

I am not much of an artist but do trace and color art sketches for friends, when I have the free time to do so, which is rarely. But if you want, I can color a sketch for you, just let me know.

I am an ex-roleplayer, I used to RP. But lost the spark for that. But every now and then, I might want to RP for the hell of it.

I am a game developer who is learning to use Clickteam fusion 2.5 to make fan games and such.

I am a YouTuber as well. I make videos or let’s plays, when I can. Channel is pretty dead but at the moment, I do plan to make some more videos, but life likes to stop things.

I am a HUGE Princess Daisy fan if you couldn’t tell. She is my favorite princess. The best character ever, in my eyes.

I am a Brony and a furry. I like MLP:FIM (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). Though I see nothing wrong with being either, though I feel I am more of a furry than a brony.

And I am taken by my wonderful baka angel ♥1/1/12♥ :3 She has my heart and even tho that she is a brat at times, I still love her, ever so. :3 I love her. c:

Videos / projects I have done

I have made Let’s play videos and walkthrough videos around 2008 However, I did make Let’s play’s on aqwrocks before quitting. They are there on my old channel.

I also, made some AQWMV (Adventure Quest worlds Music videos) poorly but I have done them nonetheless which a playlist I made can be found here

I did at once point covered Adventure Quest Worlds in weekly events That I would record and play through to show off the was in the event. A playlist of past AQW events can be seen here.

I was also the guy who made the hack called Sonic beta for a YouTuber named “TealGameMaster” to play and beat. So, If TealGameMaster sees this, he will know it is me.

I, at one point, did have a SADX (PC Version, Not steam) modded by me. It was an Emerald Coast redone into Wave Ocean, Though it was never finished as my pc HDD got a virus. It was done by using Cheat Engine and Hex editor, back in the day. But that version of SADX 06 has been lost to the sea of time.

Contact me if you want

You can go ahead and ask me a question where you may use it to contact me for any good reason but if you are just rude, I won’t answer.

You can follow my twitter. The same above also applies. If you are rude, I will block and mute you and won’t follow you but you don’t care.

Or if you want, you can send me a twitch.tv message if you want to talk on Twitch.tv

I have a Contact Email: contactsonikchan@gmail.com

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Doing in my free time                                          

I used to host an SRB2 (Sonic Robo Blast 2) server named “Sonik server” but that is rare as I don’t have time for that.

I like or tend to mute Pessimistic users who like to shit on fun or mute those I never talk to or those who won’t respond to anything on Twitter.

Dealing with Fake friends on Twitter.

I do join SRL races (Speedrunslive) for fun and fun, only when I have time.

And being LEWD on Twitter by retweeting lewd things. People don’t read pinned tweets.

Daisy by Shadman